What is ViSense?

Why use statistical data?

How does it work?

How can my business benefit?

What is ViSense?

ViSense is a professional system that provides reliable real-time statistics of people and traffic. The ViSense system contains a high-quality visual camera sensor and an advanced analysis unit. ViSense is split into specialized analysis units for CrowdDynamics and TrafficDynamics:

ViSense CrowdDynamics registers the number and movement of your visitors and is essential when you manage a shopping center, organise events or sell real estate. This information and its high accuracy are fundamental for a good analysis. The ViSense software is trained to only detect people so no false measurements of other objects. CrowdDynamics can be used to evaluate customer behaviour, increase customer satisfaction in shopping centres, or measure the effect of promotion activities in a city or at an event. In addition, the real-time measurements enable immediate response to logistic problems and support crowd control.

ViSense TrafficDynamics counts vehicles with an unequalled high accuracy, up to four lanes simultaneously. In addition to counting the number of vehicles it also determines the type and speed of the passing vehicles. ViSense can classify eight vehicle classes. The analysis gives a very detailed understanding of the road traffic statistics. This information can be used to predict early road wear, measure congestion and throughput or can be applied to measure the amount of audience passing a roadside advertisement.
TrafficDynamics is currently available as a custom service. A traffic product is expected Q1 2017.
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ViSense System

Serious software needs serious hardware!
The ViSense system consists of an advanced analysis unit and an Axis camera sensor. The stylish, compact and energy efficient analysis unit is an elegant addition to your desk. The analysis unit can be fitted with a server front plate so it can be mounted in a 19 inch server rack. In line with the high quality of the analysis unit, ViSense recommends Axis cameras for optimal quality and durability.

ViSense Outdoor and Rental

Sometimes it can be difficult to place the analysis unit indoors. For these situations, the ViSense analysis unit is also available for outdoor use. The ViSense Outdoor Unit is made of sturdy aluminum, can withstand rain and ambient temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius. The mounting brackets are universal so that the ViSense Outdoor Unit can be mounted on multiple surfaces. Off course, the ViSense Outdoor Unit is also lockable.

For temporary measurements, it is also possible to rent one or more ViSense Outdoor Units. This is possible from one week up to 6 months. For more information or a quote, please send an email to rental@visense.eu

ViSense Vision

ViSense is more than just counting people and traffic. The goal of ViSense is to provide the best information while giving complete freedom in choosing which information is needed.

Unparallelled accuracy

When it comes to the accuracy of counting large crowds, no one can beat ViSense. It measures with an average accuracy of over 95%.

Extremely wide

Analysis up to 18 meters in width with one single system. Wide streets are no longer a problem.

Easy to use GUI

The easy-to-use Graphical User Interface gives you all the information you need on a single screen.

Export Features

ViSense includes an export function for all major spreadsheet programs, enabling integration of the analytics data into your workflow.

Modular system

Additional packages such as gender recognition and floor plan trajectory data can easily be added for extra information.

Powered by ViNotion

ViSense uses algorithms designed by ViNotion, the leading expert in intelligent image interpretation.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

- Peter Drucker, founder of modern management

Why use Statistical Data?

Data from a ViSense system gives insight in the dynamics of people and vehicles. The dynamics of these objects are measured by their amount, speed and direction.
By accumulating this data over time, different statistical measures can be extracted, such as the peak and minimum and the average and spread. This statistical data gives a valuable insight in the movement patterns in the measured scene and can be used to make predictions of the situation in the near future. Statistical analysis is a powerful tool that enables monitoring current performance of businesses and improving their success, by generating the information required for the best decision making.

Usage of statistical data

Statistical data can be used for various purposes: To identify trends or to determine conversion rate in retail, to optimize crowd flow during events or to detect early congestion on busy traffic roads.

Smart Mobility

Statistical data is absolutely necessary to enable Smart Mobility. The world is facing major societal challenges arising from the growing demand for mobility and the impact on our environment. Instead of increasing the amount of asphalt we need to increase its efficiency and utilization. It is important to understand the amount of traffic, the spread over the day during the week and in the weekend, the type of vehicles, their average speed per type, their speed difference, the behaviour per lane, the influence of traffic lights and lane exits, etc.
Statistical data enables you to recognize bottlenecks or dangerous situations and give insight to improve your road infrastructure, road signs and traffic lights. ViSense can also measure the amount of professional traffic such as trucks and vans in comparison to personal transportation vehicles.

How does it work?

After an easy installation and callibration, the statistics data is transferred to the GUI using a secured internet connection

The ViSense system consists of an analysis unit, a high-end IP camera and our easy installation guide. The unique ViSense software is preinstalled and in just five steps you are ready to receive your statistical data.

Step 1: Configuring the network
Step 2: Configuring the camera
Step 3: Defining the counting directions
Step 4: Calibrating the scene
Step 5: Defining the area of interest

You now have access to your statistical data through the easy-to-use ViSense Graphical User Interface (GUI).

How can my business benefit?

The information that ViSense provides can be used in various situations.
This section explains how you and your business will benefit from using ViSense.

Retail Understanding

As manager of a shopping center, ViSense can give you information about how many people visit the shopping center, at what times more personnel is needed, the influence of rain or a hot summer day, the effect of events in or around the shopping center and at what time you can close your shop. Do you want to know if your visitors are mostly male or female? ViSense can provide you with this information. Its ability to count very accurate in wide passages makes it perfect for retail.

City Marketing

ViSense is well-suited for city marketeers. The wide outdoor city streets are no problem for ViSense, since a single system can measure up to 18 meters. The information provided can be used to know which streets are most busy and when. The effect of city events or a new shopping center in the city and measuring the impact of a better experience by visitors from optimizing the accessibility, the routing and signage are just a few examples of what the system brings.

Crowd & Event Management

Knowing where the people are at all times is not only important, it is vital for crowd and event managers! With so many people in one place you need to have total control to prevent problems and even injuries. In order to have an overview and to ensure safety, it is important to measure the people flow and guide people via the desired routes. ViSense can show you trends in real-time, so that timely action can be taken before the situation gets out of hand.

Mobility Research

84% of traffic jams are a result of lack of capacity. Under normal circumstances, 1900 to 2100 vehicles can pass a road section per hour, this is called the maximum capacity. Traffic buildup can be a result of too much traffic, traffic lights and exiting or entering traffic. The information offered by ViSense allows you to predict congestion, determine the capacity of a complex junction, or detect unexpected traffic behaviour from observing the daily behaviour.

Road Safety

Passenger cars driving alongside big trucks and license free vehicles. Also (electric) bicycles and mopeds are a growing part of the daily traffic on the road. To ensure everyone’s safety, situations must be analyzed and if necessary, measures must be taken. ViSense helps by giving insight in the type of vehicle that passes by and the speed it is going. This information helps with identifying potentially dangerous situations and preventing accidents.

Roadside Marketing

On a daily basis, the advertisement on your billboard will be watched by many drivers. ViSense can measure the reach of your medium. You could even make a pricing model of your service based on the amount of passing drivers. ViSense can classify the vehicles in eight classes. Later in 2016, it will be possible to determine the make and model of the cars passing by. This allows you to target and change the advertisement effectively to the driving audience passing by.


University of Ghent confirms

ViSense CrowdDynamics outperforms measurements via Bluetooth and WiFi.

In collaboration with the University of Ghent, ViSense CrowdDynamics has counted the visitors of the Ghent Festival in Belgium. In addition, the activities of cell phones were measured using Bluetooth and WiFi signals. The results of these counts were used to improve the flow of people for immediate safety and for future safety measures at following events.

The Ghent Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Europe. This year 1.7 million people visited the event. For ten days there are festivities in the whole city, spread over different locations.

ViSense was capable of measuring the amount of people with an accuracy above 95%. Bluetooth / WiFi are perfectly suitable to measure dwelling time and route information of a portion of the visitors and be used to complement the accurate counting of Visense. However, Bluetooth / WiFi is not suitable for accurate counting, comparisons show that ViSense is up to 5 times more accurate. The accuracy of wireless signals varies by external factors and depends on the location and the time of the measurements. The measurements by ViSense have a constant high accuracy, required for accurate crowd dynamics.


These are just a few of the amazing projects ViSense was able to participate in!


The innovative ViSense technology gives us instant insights in the safety situation and movement of people in the nightlife district of Eindhoven. For the first time, a combination of sensors automatically detects upcoming over-crowding and violence and senses the level of threat. Anonymized and without risk of invading privacy.

Tinus Kanters
Staff, Projectmanager Eindhoven municipality, Stratumseind 2.0

The ViSense systems allows us to measure the amount of visitors of the Olympic Park in London, even at wide streets of 20 meter. This has helped in planning for major events in the park and in understanding how successful the legacy transformation of the park has been.

Russel Yell
Associate Director Movement Strategies, London, UK

ViSense allows us to follow the attractiveness of our retail businesses over time. The accurate counting data also allows us to compare our shopping areas to those of other cities.

Bart Somers
Mayor of Mechelen, Belgium

ViSense vs other High-End counting systems

This image shows how ViSense compares to its High-End competitors. ViSense is the only system capable of combining an average accuracy of over 95% while measuring 18 meters wide with a single camera.

ViSense Facts

Objects counted
Lines of code
Development hours

Powered by ViNotion

The Creators

ViSense is created by ViNotion. ViNotion is specialized in the development of automatic real-time video interpretation for the recognition and analysis of citizens and their dynamics in a smart city. The company develops autonomous computer systems based on video analysis technology by pattern recognition and machine learning. Next to standard products, ViNotion also develops custom-made solutions. These vary from software libraries for integration in existing solutions, to complete systems including the hardware platform.

For the Research & Development program, ViNotion works closely together with the Eindhoven University of Technology.

For more information visit the ViNotion website.

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